Family Law

Divorce, property settlements, division of assets, child custody and child maintenance issues follow the breakdown of many family relationships.  We seek to find a pathway with you to settle these issues without going to “battle” which can cause more harm and incur more costs. 

We are mindful that a family breakdown is a family matter – not a criminal matter and the effects on the whole family are carefully considered before any action is taken. It is most helpful to engage other support professionals to guide you through the emotional turmoil and unwanted behaviours that these situations can unleash in you or others who are deeply affected by the family breakdown. The combined effort can bring a deeper understanding to the whole process and help you to respond rather than react to each other.

Our practice ensures your interests are protected, not only in the outcome of your settlement, but in the process of  achieving settlement within you.

Time does not always heal wounds.

An outcome that is attained through a supportive process allows people to heal and reclaim their lives, and make a new beginning. 

By holding a standard of respect and decency towards the other helps the children face the situation.

Family Law

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